Camp Reports

Cyber security

What is the situation around cybercrime, internet freedom and legal frameworks in Cambodia? How can you make your organization safe? What does it take to implementing effective cybersecurity? What are the computer security tools needed? Online security and privacy are an integral part of our work. The Cybersecurity track aims to help individuals to understand and comply with basic data security principles and provides a framework for how to cope with both attempted and successful cyber-attacks. This track will also help you learn about new and emerging threats and strategies for coping with cyber-attack.

Data Journalism

Digital Security

Open Data

Open data for sustainable development

This track will not make you a data scientist. How can open data nerds and designers utilize open data to overcome development challenges? This theme looks at tracking and measuring social development progress. How can you apply open data to help make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality? The master classes, the hands-on guidance, and tools will help you learn and use open data for improved development programmes.

Open source for good

Spend money on the social mission, not the software. Open source is the best for all. “Open” refers to encouraging collaboration and the development of technology, solving real-world problems. How can non-profit organizations and individuals utilize free and open source software and technology?

Social innovation

A space for thinkers and technologists to focus on ideas and solutions that create social value. Together with facilitators, participants will collaborate and learn how to invent, secure support for, and implement novel solutions to social needs and problems. Create a new application for social impact? The Social Innovation track will guide you with processes of social business and startup styles, explore tools, and invent new solutions for the health, education, agriculture, and other sectors.