Using Data Sciences to Improve Public Services

The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport (MoEYS) in Cambodia has developed new textbooks for students in grades 1 to 3 to increase literacy rates among early-grade children, embrace a love for reading from a young age, and improve the quality of

Cambodia ICT Camp 2022: Digital Security

Digital security was one of the themes around which some of the Cambodia ICT Camp 2022 were arranged. It refers to approaches and methods used to protect an individuals online data, privacy, and identity. It is an important topic because although

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the graphical representation of data and information. It aims to facilitate an understanding of data insights and their patterns, trends, and relationships. Therefore, data visualization is more than just the visual presentation of concepts or workflows. It is essential

The Glass Room, Data Detox Kit, and Digital Enquirer Kit

Growing privacy and digital security concerns in the digital era have pushed tech experts and organizations advocating for online data and protection to raise public awareness and educate the masses about technology&8217;s positive and negative consequences. Safa Ghnaim, data detox lead

Cyber norms operationalization in Cambodia and the ASEAN

Andrew Coccoli, a legal research intern at Open Development Cambodia (ODC), held an exciting and informative session on Cyber Norms Operationalization in Cambodia and the ASEAN attended by 25 participants, 10 of which were women. Andrews presentation compared cyber law in

WordPress security for beginners

Mr. Tepken Vannkorn led the presentation WordPress security for beginnersunder the theme Digital Security, one of the main areas the Camp focused on. 31 participants attended his presentation, 11 of whom were women. Sitting in a circle format, the speaker

Introduction to Data Journalism

Data journalism was one of the three core themes in the 2022 Cambodia ICT Camp. That is why having Yan Naung Oak, Nida Soe, and Thet Paing from Thibi &8211; data and design consultants in data-driven technologies &8211; to introduce