Sok Piseth

During the camp, Piseth is in charge of monitoring and maintaining the IT technical status including the Internet service and printers as well as provides spontaneous technical solutions as need. He works closely with the technical team of the venue to ensure

Phan Sovankongkea

Kongkea is a Data research and GIS Officer at Open Development Cambodia (ODC). Taking part with the upcoming Cambodia ICT Camp, Kongkea is pleased to work as a Design Assistant and Photographer in the whole Camp.

Júlia G. Puig

Júlia is currently a Research Fellow at Open Development Cambodia (ODC), where she works on different socioeconomic development projects. She has collaborated in the organization of the Cambodia ICT Camp 2018 through fundraising as well as by contributing to the content on

Doch Sotheavin

Having been with Open Development Cambodia for one year as a Research and Partnership officer, Vin has involved in managing, coordinating, and facilitating projects/programs, workshops/training, as well as volunteer program for ODC. Taking part with the upcoming Cambodia ICT Camp, Vin is

Siv Vatana

Vatana is an Research and Content Officer at Open Development Cambodia (ODC). During the Cambodia ICT Camp 2018, Vatana plays a role as a Camp Facilitator. She assists on regarding to invitation and processing other needed document to support the volunteers, participants,

Sam An Mardy

Being a participant of Mekong ICT Camp 2017 in Cambodia, SAM AN Mardy, this year, is one of the Cambodia ICT Camps facilitators. He is a Web Development Assistant for Open Development Cambodia (ODC). He is in charge of designing and

Somphop Krittayaworagul

Somphop Krittayaworagul (a.k.a SK) works at an International NGO as a Regional IT Manager for Asia Pacific Region. He is a core organizer of the Mekong ICT Camp since 2008. He also organizes and leads many ICT related events in Thailand. He

Hannah​ Pruitt​

Hannah Pruitt is an intern at Open Development Cambodia from Texas, USA. She is in her final year at Dartmouth College, where she studies economics and geography. At Cambodia ICT Camp 2018, Hannah will support the ODC team in the facilitation of