Sok Srey Lux

Srey Lux joined ODC in May as a communication intern under the Partnership and Communication team, working on producing digital communications materials. Equipping with media-related knowledge background, she assists in producing communication materials including, booklet design, contents, and photographing the event.

Hean Menghang

Menghang is a third year student in Paragon International University, majoring in computer science. Currently, he is also working as a part-time mobile application developer at one local Edtech Startups. For his past experience, he used to be a mentor in both

Kong Rothavy

Rothavy is a freshman majoring in Architecture at the Royal University of Fine Arts. In order to sharpen her soft skills and gain new experiences, she has immersed herself in many community work. She is very happy to participate for the first

Chi Lymeng

For Cambodia ICT Camp 2022, Lymeng is mainly responsible for writing, copyediting, and publishing blog posts showcasing the event and other blog posts addressing each session under different topics. Another role of his is to support a team of volunteers to take

Ya Somary

For Cambodia ICT Camp 2022, Somary plays an important role in preparing cash advance for all expense of the camp and printing promotional material such T-shirt, tote bag, and other materials. She communicates with suppliers to make sure that those material are

Kry Sosereybot

Sereybot​is responsible for visibility and ODC social media platforms. He mainly oversees and produces social media content, communication materials design, and all other media products. In Cambodia ICT Camp 2022, he takes part in organizing this event, supporting coordination with local

Siv Vatana

Vatana has been proactively working for ODC since 2016 as Editor-Researcher and Research and Content Officer. With years of extensive experience, Vatana has been recognized for the leading role in coordinating and supervising the content and web development teams in online resources

Y Puthealy

Puthealy carries out quantitative research from public data sources on development, economic and environmental issues for internal and external publishing, together with further critical data analysis and visualization. Within the Cambodia ICT Camp 2022, not only does he share partially speech on

Seun Vichra

At ODC, Vichra is mainly responsible for ensuring the well-functionality of IT network systems and infrastructure, including hardware and software. His primary responsibility is on digital security control, system upgrade, and other IT-related support. He also supports website development and maintenance. During