Thy Try

Thy Try is the Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief of Open Development Cambodia (ODC). For the last ten years he has been promoting open data, a stronger open data community and open contracting to improve transparency and accountability for sustainable development in Cambodia and the wider Mekong region.

As Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief, Try plays an important role in increasing public access to current and historical data and information about Cambodia’s development trends. The primary avenue is ODC’s online open data platform, compiling freely-available data from a wide range of public sources.

In 2015, he joined the Mekong ICT Camp in Thailand as a participant and then in 2017 his organization had the great opportunity to host the Mekong ICT Camp 2017 outside of Thailand. Following its successful organization of this event, ODC was encouraged by committee members of the Mekong ICT Camp and the open data community to host the first Cambodian ICT Camp in 2018. Try also plays a key role in the fundraising campaign for the camp.

Try has a legal background and been involving with many research projects including the situation around cyber law and freedom of the internet in Cambodia since 2013. He is a member of the advisory committee of the Global Center for Mekong Studies (GCMS) Cambodia.