Thy Try

Thy Try is the Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief of Open Development Cambodia (ODC). For the last ten years he has been promoting open data, a stronger open data community and open contracting to improve transparency and accountability for sustainable development in Cambodia and the

Setha Rath

Setha Rath is a Senior Innovation Program Manager at Development Innovations. She has extensive experience in program design, development and management across many technical areas including using information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social development causes; and uses human centered design and

Ouk Chanratha

Mr. Ouk Chanratha is vice-cheif of IT support for the ministry. His main roles are provide support on ICT infrastructure, Educational Data Center, Educational Network and the use of ICT in general.

Phel Phearoun

Mr. Phel Phearoun has been working for 11 years related to ICT for Education in Cambodia. His roles are to provide technical support to the ministry such as developing of ICT curriculum and textbook for general education/technical education/Teacher Training, ICT for teaching

Win Hla Hla

Hla Hla is on a mission to visioneer learning and democratize quality education by leveraging Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other mobile phone technologies. After completing a Public Administration masters degree at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, she started running an

John Weeks

Mr. John WEEKS is a digital media expert consulting on socially responsible web projects. He founded web design firm House32 (Phnom Penh), regularly participates in local/regional tech community events and has consulted on numerous digital publishing efforts. John assisted in founding ICT4DCambodia,

Voeurn Leakhna

Voeurn Leakhna is part of a global community who is dedicated to training the next generation of IT experts. She has been taught in networking skill (Cisco Course) for almost 8 years, currently, she is working as General Manager of Sunrise Information

Sirko Kemter

Sirko works since more than 20 years with free and open source software, he contributed to many open source projects and is since more than 10 years Fedora Ambassador and Design Team member served as a Fedora Ambassador Steering Committee member and

Chiang Poren

Poren Chiang (a.k.a RS) is a senior law student at National Taiwan University and the founder of NTU Open Source Community. Noting the impacts of technology and the importance of individual rights, he cooperates with friends to &8220;write programs to change