The Essential Steps to Startup Success

Originally from Moldova, Victor Logos is an entrepreneur who has been living in Cambodia for 2 years. He is the founder and CEO of Cambo, an online, digital platform for grocery delivery.

Instead of opening his session with success stories about Cambo, he started with a story that speaks to all entrepreneurs. He told the story of his first failed startup. By sharing an analysis of the business’s failure, he was able to show participants exactly how crucial his advice is for beginning a successful start-up. His lecture was comprehensive, beginning from the foundations for a successful idea to its execution.

Mr. Victor Logos delivered his presentation.

Logos taught participants how to develop a solid foundation for their businesses. This includes defining a problem, developing a solution, segmenting the customer base and testing your solution through consumer research. After this rigorous process, an idea is ready to become a business.

Mr. Victor Logos delivered his presentation.

Logos then walked participants through executing business ideas. This included budgeting and financial plan creation, branding and marketing strategies, goal setting, and the use of customer feedback. Logos stressed his focus on the customer experience and customer feedback. “At the end of the day, every customer’s feedback is a customer’s opinion, and that is the most important thing for any business,” he told participants.

He closed his talk by listing the “must-knows” for budding entrepreneurs:

  • Be ready to work hard
  • Believe in your concept and don’t give up
  • Don’t expect too much in the first years
  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Be ready for an emotional roller coaster

After the conclusion of his talk, Logos opened the floor for participants to ask their own questions. The lively round of questions spanned for 45 minutes, as participants asked about his experiences, how he faces challenges, and for advice for their own startups. One participant, Rorm Toeut, notes “It was very good to ask the facilitator about his own experiences. Sitting in an open circle, asking personalized questions, and interacting with all the participants was a great way to customize the session, make it an active learning opportunity, and facilitate very important knowledge sharing.” Rorm Toeut asked many questions which will contribute to his own education startup in Cambodia.

Logos opened the floor for participants to ask their own questions.

Victor Logos is the Founder & CEO of Cambo Market, a Free Grocery Delivery Service available in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, also he is a CEO of a digital agency called Smart Management Systems.

A web addict, traveler and part-time blogger that has been involved in the world of the web since 2012. His main goal is to be a part of the digitalization process in Cambodia and to create digital products that will easily integrate into Cambodians daily life.